The Roleplayer’s Society is dedicated to networking roleplayers together and helping to connect them for roleplay scenes. We also provide a database of RP sims here on the site, sorted by genre.

In addition to hooking up RPers in places, we also offer free classes as well as have quickstart guides and etiquette information right here on the site, making us an all around resource for Second Life Roleplayers!

The group is open-enrolment and any member can invite people to the group.. so help spread the word! Here is the group profile: secondlife:///app/group/d49ebf09-91bc-8daf-b524-87d3ffc8dfb3/about

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to contact me in-world. If I’m offline leave me a NC, I get capped 🙂

~Murder Poe


















Roleplayer’s Society is copyrighted by Michael Wilson

Second Life is copyrighted by Linden Labs, Roleplayer’s Society takes no ownership of Second Life name or company


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