Roleplaying in Second Life

What is roleplaying?
Roleplaying is like acting. A roleplay sim will generally adopt a theme (for example, horror) and a backstory for players to use to build their characters and storylines together.  In SL, roleplayers login from all over the world to interact with each other and write a story together.

Who roleplays in Second Life?
Seasoned gamers, online forum roleplayers and people completely new to the idea of roleplaying get involved in this kind of hobby within Second Life.

Why SL is a good roleplay environment
As SL grid technology advances, sim builds become more immersive – but even in the most basic sim environment, storylines and characters are only limited by the imaginations of players and gamemasters (GMs). While it costs to play some MMORPGs, in SL you can have a basic account and kit yourself out with freebies and hunt gifts to create a good looking avatar, and play for free or next to nothing.

Sims and themes
There is a wide range of sim environments to choose to play in. The choice(s) you make will depend on what type of character you want to play, what themes interest you, your limits, the attractiveness of the sim, the atmosphere, the OOC community, the sim’s own rules and guidelines and so on.

Types of sim in SL are medieval, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, sexual/BDSM and can even be based on films or novels, such as Gor, Harry Potter or Star Wars.

Sims have ratings of age appropriateness – PG, Mature and Adult. Player avatars who visit Adult sims must be age verified by Linden Labs.

Types of roleplay
Roleplayers have different preferences as to the type of roleplay they prefer. Some players like to write short posts, or even just dialogue, with minimum emoting. This can be more common is sims where meter combat is prevalent.

Other sims take a more literary approach, where paragraph or ‘para’ roleplay is encouraged, as well as shorter posts. Meter combat tends to take second place in this type of sim, though roleplay combat or dice combat may still take place.

Roleplay etiquette
If you’re new to roleplaying then make sure you read sim rules and get to know what other players expect of you. Roleplaying is a fun team activity – nobody expects perfection, but each sim does have its own standards.

Roleplay and character development classes
Even if you have been roleplaying for a while, you might benefit from attending a Roleplayer’s Society class and getting certified – our classes are also suitable for those new to the idea of roleplaying, moving through the different stages, from the basics, character development, versatility, combat and advanced topics.

Additional information
Linden Labs has its own Second Life Roleplaying wiki, though I have a suspicion that whoever wrote it hasn’t spent any significant time on a roleplay sim – it does have descriptions of basic terminology, though, if you’re a new roleplayer.

You can contact Murder Poe or Adred Clawtooth in world for information on RPS classes.


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