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Menu changes

Sorry guys I know im changing the menu like crazy! Im just trying to make it as easy to navigate for you guys as I can. Definitions and Etiquette can now be found as a dropdown on the Roleplay tab, along with Roleplaying in Second Life. Two new sims added to the database, and two more coming by the end of the night.

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New genre category in roleplay database

Hey guys! I’ve been compiling some roleplay sim data to get the database updated more and have decided to add a new category: Video Game Based.

During my travels I have been finding many of sims based on video games (i.e Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, etc), and I had them each categorized to their respective “types”, but I think it will be easier for you guys to find them if they had their own category. 

Also, I am going to work on getting the “Services” page up and at ’em today, where we will list and detail the various services we offer sim owners/managers.

Remember, you can help in two ways:

1. Drop a roleplayer society group tag to any of your roleplaying friends you think might be interested

2. If you know of or have a sim and would like to submit it to be included in the database, you can teleport to the Roleplayer’s Society land and fill out the form in the Resources room and just drop it to my profile!

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Posted by on December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized