You can’t just run into a sim and start emoting all willy-nilly!  There’s an etiquette involved. Again, some sims have their own by-laws for this sort of thing so always read the rules and guidelines for each sim you visit… this guide is just a basic guideline that will work in most sims.


Some folks have some RP no-no’s. Some have a few,  some have a lot.. some have none. Wherever your current RP company falls in that list, you need to respect it. Many have their limits posted in their profile on their Picks tabs. If you want to steer the RP toward something that may tickle their limits, be kind enough to drop them an IM and ask if it’s okay. In turn, if someone is taking the scene to a place you’re not comfortable with, IM them and let them know OOC before it creates a mess IC.

Win some, lose some

Don’t think you always have to be victorious. No one likes to RP with someone who always has to win. Take a bullet, get cut by a knife, LOSE SOMETIMES. Winning can be fun, but you’d be surprised at the great turns your character’s story can take if you take the losing position from time to time. Keep it fair. Also, no one likes a sore loser or a gloating winner. If you win, thats good enough. If you lose… don’t be a little bitch.

Wait your turn

This is a very important part of RPing, and the more people involved in one scene the more important it becomes. WAIT. YOUR. TURN. Dont post multiple times in a row, finish your post in a single posting, then wait until everyone else has had their turn before posting again. This saves confusion and gives everyone a chance to stay in on the current actions at hand.

OOC Chatter

OOC chattering should be kept to a minimum during an IC scenario. If you need to have a conversation OOC you should take it to IM. It’s rude and degrades the overall feel of being immersed in a scene.


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