For Owners/Managers

Roleplayer’s Society, in an endless effort to aid and support roleplay sims across Second Life, offer a few services to sim owners and managers.


Quality Filter

Everyone wants the roleplayers on their sim to know the ropes as they make their way through, and in a sense, represent your sim. Do they know what metagaming is? Do they think OOC is the sound you make when your character is a monkey? Sorting through applications and required questioning, however, is a chore, and can become a heavy workload when your sim begins to get more attention. RPS offers very in depth classes, which teach every corner of roleplaying from the ground up. We have three tiers of class certification, silver, gold, and platinum. We are teaching the classes already, so the only thing needed on your end would be to post the info about it at your welcome area.. and leave the rest to us. Rest assured that anyone with any of those certifications from us knows all the ins and outs to get through roleplay. Making any of the certifications for players a requirement would free up a lot of your time from having to sort through notecard applications, allowing you to handle your other admin duties, relax a bit more, or *GASP!* roleplay with your patrons. This service is completely free of charge.


Mediation (this is also available to all roleplayers)

Word against word between roleplayers? Difference of opinion on who was right and who was not? Often when this happens and is settled, admins are accused of taking sides with those theyve known longer or know outside of the RP, and so on and on…. We are more than happy to pop down to the sim and give unbiased mediation of any situation that arises. Just IM us and let us know. This is completely free… of course.


Featured Sim Profile

You can have your roleplay featured on our Featured Sim Showcase page for one week. This will include a full editorial of your sim, a history of the storyline and the creation of the roleplay, interviews, mentions of staff and current players, honorable mentions for top players if meters are used, and up to 4 photos of your choosing. If you are interested in this, please IM Murder Poe in world. The cost for this service is 2500L




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