Land of Nor

Number of sims: 14

SLURL(s):  (geographically disconnected from the rest of the sims entirely)

Rating: Moderate/Adult

Combat/Story: Storyline is rich in places but sims are heavily combat-oriented

Meter: DCS


Registration/Application: Not required

Backstory: The predicted end of days came and went quietly. Humanity warred among it’s self even taking it’s fight to the stars. The angels stepped forth into the world through long sealed portals. The world paused, then rejoiced at the confirmation of faith. The elation quickly faded, turning to suspicion, then fear as the angels took little notice of humanity and the cold realization that where one thing exists so must it’s opposite. These angels were not protectors of humanity, they were warriors of the Armageddon and they had an enemy. Demons and all those touched by evil. Caught between a war of titans society collapsed with humanity struggling to survive. Into this chaos vampire woke from their centuries of sleep with promises of immortality to the disenchanted. Lycans and Nekos prowl the streets while other races of lore step through the portal. The ultimate jihad,  the War of the Armageddon, The apocalypse rages on! (taken from the in-world story page in the Reliance sim)

Rating:   7.5     (Scoring breakdown at end of review)

RPS Review: Visually the Land of NoR is impressive. The sims are beautifully built with complex cities that, in places, feel as if they could have been mimicked from a real life city. The races all have their own area in the NoR world, some of them having full sims as their territory. They each have their own individual by-laws, and it can be a lot to take in and get adjusted to sometimes. The story set-up is detailed enough to put you in place, but vague enough to leave plenty of room for imagination. There is a nice assortment of races to enter as, as well as factions to become part of if you so wish. In my time there I encountered some really good roleplayers, however it can be difficult for a new player to feel like part of the big picture. I spent a considerable amount of time in NoR, and it felt very “clicky”. The action is great, and the storyline is deep for some of the characters, but from my experience they mostly involve backstabbing, conspiracy, hostile take-overs, cheating lovers, and seeking out a target. The Norians are mostly combat oriented, and they veteran players are highly skilled at it.. and training classes for some races/factions are easily available. I, unfortunately, witnessed plenty of high-level players ganging up against low levels… and sometimes with little or no roleplay before or after. That’s not to say NoR doesn’t have it’s fair share of nice scenes. I witnessed and took part in several while I was in NoR. The bottom line here is, if you enjoy a good war roleplay with plenty of combat and a storyline on the side.. then NoR is certainly for you! If you’re not a combatant, keep teleporting.

Scoring Detail:

1. Does the sim operate and function as advertised/claimed? 1

2. Is it a well-built sim? Quality builds and textures? 0.75

3. Is it logically laid out and easy to navigate? 1

4. Rules/Instructions well documented & easy to understand? 1

5. Staff attentiveness 0.75

6. Lag Level 0.50

7. OOC player interaction 0.75

8. Theme & story consistency 0.50

9. New player acceptance (how well do current players welcome new players?) 0.25

10. Character/Race diversity 1


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