Nova Braeden

Number of sims: 4


Raiting: Moderate

Combat/Story: Mixed – Dice combat

Meter: CB Roleplay HUD (given free at landing point)


Registration/Application: Not required

Backstory: I couldnt find a specific back story, it seems to be just free-form roleplay. This was taken from the website:

Cadair Braeden is SL’s most exciting new roleplay experience: medieval and fantasy roleplay set in three sims of breathtaking beauty (Cadair Braeden, Pasithea (Casys) and Nicht Ka. The sims are designed to give plenty of private areas for RP. We are welcoming to new members and there is always plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

Rating:    RATING COMING SOON    (Scoring breakdown at end of review)


Scoring Detail:

1. Does the sim operate and function as advertised/claimed?

2. Is it a well-built sim? Quality builds and textures?

3. Is it logically laid out and easy to navigate?

4. Rules/Instructions well documented & easy to understand?

5. Staff attentiveness

6. Lag Level

7. OOC player interaction

8. Theme & story consistency

9. New player acceptance (how well do current players welcome new players?)

10. Character/Race diversity


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