Number of sims: 1


Rating: Moderate

Combat/Story: Mixed, but combat is RPd

Meter: None


Registration/Application: Registration through website required to receive your char’s tag, but not required to RP

Backstory: (taken from introduction NC)

The Contagion

The devastating contagion,is known only amongst high clearance military and research individuals as the SAEBOV strain, a highly modified, constantly mutating Ebola strain. Discovered in Uganda as a weaponized Ebola strain that caused an outbreak in 2007, it was confiscated and taken back to the states where it was contracted out to a privatized research company in San Antonio with BSL-4 (BioSafety Level) clearance.

In the attempts to form a vaccine, something went wrong. Before the situation could be safely and completely contained, an unprecedented earthquake rocked through the southwest USA. Thus began the outbreak.

Commonly referred to the Virus, the infection is a 4 stage disease that is highly contagious. It has a 100% mortality rate once stage 3 is reached.

Stages of Infection

Stage 1: The virus makes its initial introductions into the body. Whether through blood, a scratch, or a bite, the virus is introduced and begins to go to work. Symptoms are felt between 15 minutes a few hours, and include dizziness, nausea, light headedness, irritability and pain.

Stage 1 is curable, as it is the early stages of infection. Stage 1 can last up to 24 hours, with 24 hours being the max time recorded before the transition into stage 2.

Stage 2: The virus begins making its way through the hosts body, having an effect on different aspects and functions of the body. The person is, at this point, dying, as later in the virus’s lifecycle it will shut down most if not all of the body’s major functions and organs, only keeping the brain active. The infected will be visibly paled and exhibit fever type symptoms, most likely sweating. The most obvious notation of this stage is the onset of aggressive and abnormal behavior. As the virus begins slowly penetrating the brain, it will slowly begin to drive the infected into a homicidal rage. Infected at stage 2 are known to become notably hostile, and acting unlike their usual selves.

Stage 2 is curable, so long as it is treated before stage 3. Stage 2 lasts between 24 and 48 hours, with 48 being the longest recorded time it takes before the transition to stage 3.

Stage 3: Stage 3 is marked by the complete takeover of the brain by the virus. Patients at level 3 have lost all major cognitive functions as well as the ability for higher mental processes. Stage 3 infected are extremely violent, known only to seek out and attack indiscriminately all living it comes in contact with. They possess no special strengths or powers, as they are but humans with a completely diminished mental capacity. Stage 3 infected are able to run, climb, jump, and crawl, possessing the same motor functions as a human, just not the brainpower. Stage 3 infected do not know how to use tools, operate machinery, or do anything they were once able to as a human. Oddly, stage 3 infected may be able to differentiate between who is or isn’t infected, and target specifically. There have been a few reported cases of stage 3 infected ignoring, or not attacking individuals in the more advanced levels of stage 2 infection.

Stage 3 is not curable. It should be noted that stage 3 infected do not have to have their brain destroyed to be killed. As they are still human, anything that can kill a human will kill a stage 3 infected. It should also be noted, that stage 3 infected do not respond to pain, and as such will be able to sustain numerous bullets, or blows. If a stage 3 is killed, and does not have the brain properly destroyed, the infected WILL come back to life as a stage 4. Players that chose to play infected will be playing Stage 3 infected.

Stage 4: Reanimation. The virus has completely taken over the hosts body, shutting down all major functions and essentially, killing the individual. The virus than stimulates the brain, causing a reanimation of the host. Stage 4 infected are commonly referred to as zombies, walkers, shamblers, zeds, and Whiskey Delta. The reanimated have no mental processes and do nothing other than wander around looking for survivors. They can not run, or handle advanced maneuvering processes such as jumping, or climbing. They are easy to evade or overpower on their own, but grouped up they can be extremely dangerous. A horde of walkers is one of the most dangerous things in our time, able to inflict massive damage upon an area.
As the brain is the point of reanimation, a reanimated corpse can only be disabled through the destruction of the brain.

It should be noted, the virus effects all people differently. Each individual has their own specific resistance to the virus, and the spread of infection is also influenced by many other factors, especially how much of the virus has been introduced and how quickly. A minor bite will lead to stage one, where someone who’s suffered numerous bites will very quickly reach stage 2. Any person killed by, or dying as a result of an infected individual, will become a stage 4 reanimate.

Rating:    RATING COMING SOOM    (Scoring breakdown at end of review)


Scoring Detail:

1. Does the sim operate and function as advertised/claimed?

2. Is it a well-built sim? Quality builds and textures?

3. Is it logically laid out and easy to navigate?

4. Rules/Instructions well documented & easy to understand?

5. Staff attentiveness

6. Lag Level

7. OOC player interaction

8. Theme & story consistency

9. New player acceptance (how well do current players welcome new players?)

10. Character/Race diversity


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