The Fallen

Number of sims: 1


Raiting: Adult

Combat/Story: Story – Any combat is roleplayed (scripted weapons not allowed)

Meter: None


Registration/Application: Via website or NC in-world. You may only observe until you are approved (usually within 24 hours)


November 1st, 2024

Today I am saddened. Our youth, our lust, our hope, our Fall. Where did we falter in our quest for morality? Since the beginning of time harmony has been absent, and yet, I still find myself wanting to hope for a better future. Even now, I try. But, now more than ever we are further apart. A contradiction of sophistication and our barbaric nature still lingers.

Ten Years since we last saw God and the Morningstar. The Exalted War between the Angels and Demons left so much of Earth in ruins. Smoky cities in the distance, fires still ablaze, scavengers stealing what they could from now abandoned shops. The World entered a new age; The Age of the Fallen. Where all the supernaturals and humans seek to pick up the pieces and begin anew. I often wonder where everyone went, what side they picked on the battlefields, their regrets and hopes.

And yet here we are, returning to the cities, returning to life, though everything has changed. Humans no longer rule this world. They have been subjugated to becoming a commodity through slave trade. The Angels and Demons fight one another as they had during the beginning of time. Both sides hoping to one day reclaim Heaven. The Vampires’ ever continued quest for dominance. The Scarred Grey Men, whom were ripped away from their families and life, simply to be created into a weapon. The Rise of the Lycans, continuing their century long war against the Vampires. And we The Nameless, fragmented as we always have been, oblivious to the chaos around us as many seek to simply benefit with increasing their own power.

Somehow more than ever, I feel as though a storm in brewing within this world, and I’ve yet to see what these supernaturals are truly capable of.

-The Tudor
-Founder of the Tower of Restraint
-Legacy Mage

Rating:    RATING COMING SOON    (Scoring breakdown at end of review)


Scoring Detail:

1. Does the sim operate and function as advertised/claimed?

2. Is it a well-built sim? Quality builds and textures?

3. Is it logically laid out and easy to navigate?

4. Rules/Instructions well documented & easy to understand?

5. Staff attentiveness

6. Lag Level

7. OOC player interaction

8. Theme & story consistency

9. New player acceptance (how well do current players welcome new players?)

10. Character/Race diversity


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