Hollow Hill

Number of sims: 1


Raiting: Moderate

Combat/Story: Story driven, Dice combat

Meter: None

Website: None

Registration/Application: Character sheet must be approved before roleplay is allowed


[The Past]

Hollow Hill was a small town in Pennsylvania founded in the mid 1700’s. It was a quiet town, and although strange anamolies and whispered legends reared their heads occassionally, Hollow Hill existed for nearly 150 years in relative peace.

In 1843 Hollow Hill was burned down.
No one knows what started the fire, even to this day. The town was evacuated leaving just over a hundred casualties, and just as many who were never found. The town was so thuroughly destroyed that it was considered unsalvigable and soon to all of the people but it’s surivors, it had hardly seemed to have ever existed at all.

Those who had gone missing, whose bodies were never found, discovered long before anyone else that the town was not average. They survived the fire, but could never leave the land. As they tried to escape the fire bringing down the city, lost in their own fear and unable to notice the subtle changes in their environment – the way the walls darkened and reddened with rust, how other frightened, shrieking people around them seemed to disappear. They ran into dark hallways that were never there before, fell into pits, and were attacked by creatures that dragged them off into the shadows leaving only their cries of terror to echo in memory. The roadways crumbled before them, and every twist and turn they took lead them to more fire.

The town was ruined, but it was even more dangerous to try and leave. The forests werefar too dense, and even maps did little to help navigate, while any roads that had not broken off steeply into oblivion were obscured by fog and seemed to lead any would be escapee in circles. Unable to leave, they resolved to rebuild what had been lost.



[The Present]
The town has since recovered from the fire, thriving at nearly 25,000 people, although it is clearly and undeniably changed. Something happened during the fire. The inhabitants continue on as normal, without ever realizing that to the rest of the world, they do not exist. No one in the state of Pennsylvania can point out where Hollow Hill is, even if they remember the name. No map has it, and very few have heard of it. The citizens seem at home with their limited space, and don’t even seem to realize that there is more to the world than just the Hill. They wake up, eat, go to work, and sleep without ever questioning their existence. Most seem to be in some sort of daze. . .

However, the city remains active despite its utter separation from the rest of the world. Its stores always remain stocked. Garbage is disposed of as usual. The mines and oil companies still ship their goods, never knowing that their product never makes it from their city. The caretakers of the city are quiet and gentle. From a distance appear like normal men and woman wearing jumpsuits with a forgettable logo from an unknown corperation. These workers are nearly invisible in their anonimty – even after watching them work for hours, the observer still cannot discern their identities.

[The Call]
Even before the reconstruction, the survivors of the fire who had managed to escape the malignant city recived cryptic messages and gravely disrupted phone calls on their aged speaking telegraphs from lost relatives and friends. The messages would escalate to fevered nightmares and visions to tortured seizures, all commanding that the individual find their way to the forgotten city. Much of the population of the city were people seeking long dead relatives, missing children and friends.

Sometimes, even those with no relation at all to the city are summoned. They may hear voices and see in their minds eye the entrance to the city. The city calls both the darkest of evil to the gentlest in heart. It is indescriminate in its chosen ones, and there are many. Those who find the large town will feel a sense of relief – nothing seems out of the ordinary at first . . .

[Electronics & Media]
Electonic devices are unreliable in the city. The telecommunications tower is old and outdated – any calls made to it are never answered and when anyone goes up to check the office. . . it seems abandoned and covered in dust. Sometimes, if looked at from a distance, a shadowed figure can be seen coming in and out, and working inside. Still, televisions rarely work – if they do strange images and silent movies that make no sense play across the screen – it could show a young girl crying in a corner of a large white room for hour after hour, or brief scenes of men and women being sliced upen and hung from hooks like cattle.

Phones are a bit more reliable, but not by much. Calls can be made to and fro between the citizens of the city. Cell phones are choppy and loose service often – if they are anything more than static, and the sound of harsh breathing from the other end. Calls on land lines and cell phones cannot be made outside of the city – and calls to the city from the outside always fail.

The internet is the saving grace from other forms of electronics. It runs slowly, and is prone to break up (like satellite service during a storm) but when it runs, the character has access to the world wide web although no one can find any information about Hollow Hill, or anything related to it. If the person is lucky, they may be able to send an email to family or friends outside of the city – but for most people, their emails are blocked by the curse of the city. . . or come across jumbled.

Lastly, there is no steady newspaper circulation. Many of the newspaper stands are still carry newspapers from the 1940s through the 1960s. . . sometimes earlier sometimes later.


[The Strange]
Humans are not the only ones called into the city. The very nature of Hollow Hill attracts cunning undead, listless and wild lycans, many supernatural beings, and many things that are far worse. There is an underground power structure for these supernatural beings, although it is weak – little more than a title. A so called prince of the Kindred rules with the raw power of his claws, and the Willworkers and Lupines behind him. Despite this triangle of power, it is anything but stable. There is no telling what lies beneath the surface. . .


Rules In Effect, from the Silent Hill WOD Suppliment:
The Otherworld (Storyteller Control) – see the suppliment
The Broken Clock (Storyteller Control) – see the suppliment
The Fog (Storyteller Control)
The Broken Path (This extends into all realms)

Rating:    RATING COMING SOON    (Scoring breakdown at end of review)


Scoring Detail:

1. Does the sim operate and function as advertised/claimed?

2. Is it a well-built sim? Quality builds and textures?

3. Is it logically laid out and easy to navigate?

4. Rules/Instructions well documented & easy to understand?

5. Staff attentiveness

6. Lag Level

7. OOC player interaction

8. Theme & story consistency

9. New player acceptance (how well do current players welcome new players?)

10. Character/Race diversity


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